About Us
Jian Ming Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing High & Low-Frequency Transformers, Inductors and coils since 1985.
The safety and quality of our products are always our top two priorities. All of our products can be fully customized to meet our customers’ requests.
In terms of safety, Jian Ming is certified with UL Insulation Class B and H. Aside from fulfilling the requirements of many countries’ regulations, Jian Ming can help customers to obtain UL, CSA, CE, VDE and BSI certifications as well.
We sincerely appreciate the recognition from customers around the world in industries such as Auto Control Systems, Power Supplies, Industrial Equipment, Medical Devices, Electronic Measuring Instruments, Precision Instruments, Boat manufacture, Fire Fighting, Elevators, Arcade Game Machines, Hi-Fi & Hi-End, Communication Equipment, Household Appliances and Semiconductor Equipment.

Jian Ming Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to pursuing excellency with our customers.